Is it possible to have a true getaway when you vacation with your kids? Young children need supervision and I admit to being a helicopter mom in many ways…so how do you actually relax when you’re on vacation with them?

  1. Don’t be the only adult on the trip – try to travel with your spouse, life partner, parents or in-laws. This allows you to take turns watching the kids and while the rest of you participate in activities like shopping at the craft markets or gift stores, taking a walk along the beach or napping (yes, I consider that an activity), etc. Be sure to discuss your arrangements before you travel and come to an agreement that everyone is happy with. This will help to avoid resentment or feelings of being left out while on your trip.
  2. Travel to places that have a lot of children-focused activities – Most resorts have some type of kids’ club. They usually allow you to leave your children for at least an hour or more. The good ones will have all kinds of entertainment to keep your kids busy and if they’re really good…the kids will be happy to see you go! Make sure you check them out beforehand so that you’re comfortable leaving them there. Then go and have some leisure time with your significant other, friends or family. Just don’t forget to go back for the kids at some point!
  3. Find activities that are fun for both you and the kids – This can alleviate a lot of whining, boredom and sulky attitudes. Ummm…I’m not just talking about the kids. This can also be a great opportunity for some family bonding and the creation of family memories to cherish forever.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you come back from your getaway feeling as if you actually ‘got away’! There’s nothing worse than feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation.


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